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Zoo lab amazes year 6 school children!!!

Haven’t you heard that year 6 has had the amazing zoo lab in school.


 Charlotte brought in a cave toad that could spray out poison on its back. A corn snake that lives in a corn field. A big tarantula who lays 500 eggs a year. A big African snail what can grow  to  the  size  of  a  football. Charlotte told us about the amazing wildlife animals what we found interesting because we didn’t  know about that much of the mysteriously strange animals.



 Charlotte let us hold the long orangey coloured corn snake. The skin looked really wet liked it had been in a lake but when u held it felt as soft as a pillow. She let us hold the slimy African snail and it look as hard as a pebble but it was perfectly soft like it had been in water. Tarantula was kept in a box but we wasn’t allowed to hold it because it might launch its spiky hair at our faces if it thinks we are threatening it.


Illustrated and published by Kathryn Kendrick and Laura Owen!!












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