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In our awesome school we have a sports day every year. And this is how it usually goes down.

We have a sprint race, an obstacle race, and a marathon where we run around the whole field.Aswell as this we colour in our country flags for example: Spain, Italy, France, England, Brazil and Germany.At the end of each race you get different cards and stickers if you come 1st 2nd or 3rd and the cards give you points for your country team.

If you come 1st  you get a gold card and a  1st sticker, if you come 2nd you get a silver card and a 2nd sticker and if you come 3rd you get a bronze card and a 3rd sticker, unless you come 4th you get a sticker with the Olympic rings on it.

If your country wins, you and your team get a prize on the Friday after. The prize changes every year. And if you come 2nd or 3rd well done to you!

And that is how it goes every year! Good luck in your races and for your team!

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